Hello Aaron,

"Generate URL is only available if you select a single Recipient" -
this is by design, Attendee name/email is being associated with
invitation hash
In case you will choose "Send" individual invitations will be send by
system via email

You can
1) create user private room (or use one of pre-created personal rooms)
- no-one except you will have access to it
2) create period/endless invitation for dummy-email/no name
3) generate

Not sure why to send manually if it can be done by system :)

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 8:09 AM, Aaron Hepp <aaron.h...@gmail.com> wrote:
> After searching further I found where you create the invite but now I
> see an issue.  Generate URL is only available if you select a single
> Recipient , if you select Groups or multiple recipient(s) the generate
> URL area gets greyed out and only Send / Cancel are available.  Is this
> by default or a bug?  I would guess this is by default as you are
> passing the users credentials in the invite URL as they do not have to
> log in and connects them in directly.  I would like to use a group to
> generate the invite URL that way they all have access to the conference
> room.  Is there a way to implement as such?
> I figured out the other information needed about how to make it invite
> only, by removing the group in the conference room but found out each
> user needs their own specific invitation url and not a blanket.  Look
> for a way for a blanket URL invite.
> On 2/23/2018 5:21 PM, Aaron Hepp wrote:
>> Searching I seen previously where it was talked about creating an
>> invitation link that can be copied or emailed to individuals, but I can not
>> seem to find out where that section is in 4.0.2.
>> As well once the invitation is created how does one set the room to be via
>> invite only?  Do you do this by removing the default group and only adding
>> in the group the admin is a member of?

Maxim aka solomax

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