Hi folks!

Just one minor point:
if you add anything from cxf then you might likely add it to the Meecrowave 
libs directly.
The reason is that CXF does not use the ThreadContextClassLoader when looking 
for it's own SPI implementations.
So if you have cxf-core in meecrowave-lib and the cxf jax-ws jar just in your 
WAR, then CXF will not be able to find it.

That's in most cases not a blocker.
Btw, I also started with WAR packaging but nowadays almost always do web-jars.

That means I package my UI module as jar and if I need anything then I use the 
Servlet-3.0 webresources feature.
E.g. instead of 
I now have

Because since servlet-3.0 any content under META-INF/resources will be treated 
by the servlet container the same as if it's available under / in the WAR.


> Am 01.02.2018 um 07:03 schrieb Romain Manni-Bucau <rmannibu...@gmail.com>:
> Hello Aaron,
> AFAIK it works yes and since we are tomcat it is just a matter of adding the 
> right jars and dependencies - same than websockets setup which requires 
> tomcat-websocket.
> Atmosphere has a tomcat integration too - another jar to add.
> Le 1 févr. 2018 06:33, "Aaron Anderson" <nickmalt...@yahoo.com> a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I was wondering if Meecrowave supports JAX-RS 2.1 SSE? After adding 
> cxf-rt-rs-sse to my Maven runner POM I am able to add all the annotation to 
> my endpoint and invoke it via a JavaScript EventSource but the injected 
> SseEventSink and Sse values are null.
> The CXF example manually registers a CXF servlet so I wonder if that is the 
> issue. Also the CXF project depends on Atmosphere (which I had to add to the 
> scanning-package-exclude list) which I think only works with Jetty and not 
> Tomcat. 
> Any insight is appreciated. I do have Tomcat Web Sockets working but it would 
> be nice to have SSE working in JAX-RS so I can easily have a reference in the 
> endpoint to send interactive updates.
> Thanks,
> Aaron

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