The Cell Style overrides the Row Style. When you are setting a style in
POI, no new styles are created. The style being set is used as is. Be
careful of changing your style after you have used it. The change will
affect every cell that the style has been applied to. Instead I manually
create all the styles I will need, and apply the appropriate style to the
cell. This seems a little brute force, but performs significantly better.

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 12:58 PM, Dagnon, William <>

> Perfect, thank you for the explanation and details - it worked!
> There is still the oddity about:
> >                 row.setRowStyle(codeFill)
> Only affecting cells AFTER the last one I created in the row.  I've been
> using a limited work-around.
> Lastly: are row and cell styles ever combined/aggregated as they would be
> in Excel? Eg. if I set a row style with a background and a cell style with
> a border, will the cell have the background and the border, or do I need to
> specify the cell's style with the background as well for it to not get
> overwritten depending on what order I set them?
> Thanks!
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