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> Mars, I was reviewing the code that you are referencing, the "jars for
> Spark" function, this morning and trying to see how it ties in. This code
> that is outside the custom binary distribution correct, I could not find it
> in the distribution that is being used by the buildpack?

The PredictionIO binary distribution contains only the "compiled" code, its
assembly jars. You'll need to dig into PredictionIO's source code (on
Github) to find that function.

> Do you think the ordering of jars may need to happen in the Common.scala
> file instead of the compute-classpath.sh?

Yes, to effectively revise Common.scala, changes must be made to the source
code (e.g. checked-out from Github develop branch) and then built into new
custom binary distribution via `make-distribution.sh` script:


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