Hi Duan,
It's best to post your question on ranger's user mailing list.  Someone
there would be able to help you.  Please provide information like what
version/distribution of kafka and ranger you are using to help resolve the


On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 8:23 AM, Duan Xiong <it_duanxi...@outlook.com>

> Dear Sirs:
>     I'm sorry to bother you.I am a sudent,and I have great interest  in
>  apache ranger,I see your email address in http://ranger.incubator, and I
> find you are  very professional in this,In CLI,My Kafka can work
> success,So I very confused.I don't use  like  HDP  software,Just install
>  kafka-plugin in ranger.I really need your help.ISo I send  a letter for
> help.I hope you can help me and  receive your reply.Thank you very much.
> Question:
> kafka-plugin in ranger didn't success
> software version:
> ranger-0.6.2
> ranger-0.6.2-SNAPSHOT-kafka-plugin
> I tried to install kafka-plugin in ranger,kafks can connected
> successfully,but In ranger Plugins ,I can't
> see kafka,
> Did I miss any configuration setting of kafka or misunderstanding
> something else?
> ------------------------------
> it_duanxi...@outlook.com

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