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(directly on nabble seems looks fine)

This rings some bells for me, but it has been a while since I've messed
with AD, but I'll throw up a couple thoughts:

- Try setting the template to " {0}@MYDOMAIN "
- I just wrote a quick (ugly) test to parse an INI file with the content of:

simpleBean = org.apache.shiro.config.SimpleBean = foobar\{0}

The value of `name` was correctly formatted.  Are you using a Shiro.ini
file? or something else (Spring, Guice, etc?)

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 7:56 AM, shirkhan <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using Shiro 1.3.2 and I got a problem with the  User Dn Template
> <
> apache/shiro/realm/ldap/DefaultLdapRealm.html#setUserDnTemplate-java.lang.
> String->
> at the DefaultLdapRealm.
> I got an *Microsoft Active Directory Server* and want to login with the
> *UID*. So I set the template to "/{0}/", and login with
> "/MYDOMAIN\", which is /*working perfectly*/!
> To simplify the login I wanted to add the domain (/MYDOMAIN/) the template.
> So I tried to set the user dn template to "/MYDOMAIN\{0}/".
> But this is not working anymore ... I also tried "/MYDOMAIN*\\*{0}/" but
> this is also not working.
> Is this parsing problem? Do I have to escape it?
> Thank you.
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