Thanks for your reply.

Yes, Its netflix dataset. And when I get no space on device, my ‘/mnt’ 
directory gets filled up. I checked. 

/usr/lib/spark/bin/spark-submit --deploy-mode cluster --master yarn --class 
org.apache.spark.examples.mllib.MovieLensALS --jars 
/usr/lib/spark/examples/jars/spark-examples_2.11-2.0.0.jar --rank 32 
--numIterations 100 --kryo s3://dataset_netflix

When I run above command, I get following error

Job aborted due to stage failure: Task 221 in stage 53.0 failed 4 times, most 
recent failure: Lost task 221.3 in stage 53.0 (TID 9817, ): 
 (No space left on device)

I think I should not need to increase the space on device, as data is not that 
big. So, is there any way, I can setup parameters so that it does not use much 
disk space. I don’t know much about tuning parameters. 

It will be great if anyone can help me with this.

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