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> When using spark on mesos and deploying a job in cluster mode using
> dispatcher, there appears to be no memory overhead configuration for the
> launched driver processes ("--driver-memory" is the same as Xmx which is
> the
> same as the memory quota). This makes it almost a guarantee that a long
> running driver will be OOM killed by mesos. Yarn cluster mode has an
> equivalent option -- spark.yarn.driver.memoryOverhead. Is there some way
> to
> configure driver memory overhead that I'm missing?
> Bigger picture question-- Is it even best practice to deploy long running
> spark streaming jobs using dispatcher? I could alternatively launch the
> driver by itself using marathon for example, where it would be trivial to
> grant the process additional memory.
> Thanks!
> I wrote a simple wrapper to provide a little head room, I'm currently
using the Chronos framework to run my spark jobs which provides some handy
environment variables like CHRONOS_RESOURCE_MEM which is what's offered
from Mesos.

    execString.append('--driver-memory {:.0f}M'.format(.7 *
    execString.append('--executor-memory {:.0f}M'.format(.98 *
    execString.append('--jars {} {} {}'.format(params.get('classpath'),
params.get('jarfile'), params.get('optargs')))


We basically set the upper limit for the driver to use 70% of what's
allocated in total to Mesos.
This will help get around Mesos killing long running jobs because of OOM.


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