Hi Vishu/Jacek:
Thanks for your responses.
Jacek - At the moment, the current time for my use case is processing time.

Vishnu - Spark documentation 
 does indicate that it can dedup using watermark.  So I believe there are more 
use cases for watermark and that is what I am trying to find.
I am hoping that TD can clarify or point me to the documentation.

    On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 6:37 AM, Vishnu Viswanath 
<vishnu.viswanat...@gmail.com> wrote:

 Hi Mans,
Watermark is Spark is used to decide when to clear the state, so if the even it 
delayed more than when the state is cleared by Spark, then it will be ignored.I 
recently wrote a blog post on this : 

Yes, this State is applicable for aggregation only. If you are having only a 
map function and don't want to process it, you could do a filter based on its 
EventTime field, but I guess you will have to compare it with the processing 
time since there is no API to access Watermark by the user. 
On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 1:14 PM, M Singh <mans2si...@yahoo.com.invalid> wrote:

I am trying to filter out records which are lagging behind (based on event 
time) by a certain amount of time.  
Is the watermark api applicable to this scenario (ie, filtering lagging 
records) or it is only applicable with aggregation ?  I could not get a clear 
understanding from the documentation which only refers to it's usage with 



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