It has been three days continuously I am on this issue. Not getting any

Environment: Spark 2.2.x, all configurations are correct. hive-site.xml is
in spark's conf.

1) Step 1: I created a data frame DF1 reading a csv file.

2) Did  manipulations on DF1. Resulting frame is passion_df.

3) passion_df.write.format("orc").saveAsTable("sampledb.passion")

4) The metastore shows the hive table., when I do "show tables" in HIVE, I
can see table name

5) I can't select in HIVE, though I can select from SPARK as
spark.sql("select * from sampledb.passion")

Whats going on here? Please help. Why I am not seeing data from HIVE prompt?
The "describe formatted " command on the table in HIVE shows he data is is
in default warehouse location ( /user/hive/warehouse) since I set it.

I am not getting any definite answer anywhere. Many suggestions and answers
given in Stackoverflow et al.Nothing really works.

So asking experts here for some light on this, thanks


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