On 12/31/2011 10:49 PM, Azrael wrote:
Hi , I am now searching for a stl implementation who's containers can work 
perfectly with alternative pointers define in the allocator given.
  Because I want to make my program able to attatch to a block of share memory 
and continue it's previous work. The GCC default implementation use standard 
pointer in the container base, such as rb_tree_node_base etc.
  And I found that stdcxx4.2.1 use the alloc::pointer instead. So ,I wonder if 
I can safely use stdcxx4.2.1 on share memory by simply define my own  
shm_allocator and shm_handle(pointer type recording the offset in share memory).
  Actually, I am implementing a game server, so ,I require really good 
  So, is stdcxx4.2.1 suitable for me?

  Really need help.....wait for response.

IIRC, we successfully tested all contains with shared memory
allocators except for std::list. The problem with list was
getting its pointers to work correctly as user-defined types.
I was hoping to find a test we used to exercise them in the
test suite but so far I don't see it.


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