2015-05-25 10:29 GMT+02:00 Sreekanth S. Nair <sreekanth.n...@egovernments.org>:
> Hi Lukasz,
>                 Based on your comment on WW-4028 issue, struts2 should not
> try to store  ActionInvocation  in session, from the log i have attached
> points that its getting stored into session which basically breaks your
> point. FYI we are using redis and spring session to manage HttpSession
> object.

Not, it isn't like that. Without ActionInvocation you won't be able
use Session Token. ActionInvocation has a reference to Container (DI)
which isn't serializable and that was resolved with WW-4028.
Now I'm trying figure out why do you see this exception and my only
guess is that you must have serialized an old version of
ActionInvocation which is now restored and used after upgrading to
2.3.24. Does it happen locally on a fresh instance?

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