2015-07-29 10:30 GMT+02:00 Sreekanth S. Nair <sreekanth.n...@egovernments.org>:
> package.properties file values are not getting displayed while we deploy
> our application in wildfly server using wildfly deploy maven plugin, but at
> the same time properties values are getting displayed properly if we deploy
> from eclipse or manual deployment. The only difference between manual and
> wildfly-deploy plugin is wildfly deploy plugin will add WAR or EAR to
> {WILDFLY_HOME}/standalone/data folder where as manual or eclipse deployment
> will add WAR or EAR to {WILDFLY_HOME}/standalone/deployment folder. Any
> insight ?

but that's an issue with the plugin not Struts itself. Maybe you have
wrong 'targetDir' set?

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