Hi Dave,
Thanks for your reply.
I tried setting the scope of the action bean to prototype  (amoung 100 other 
things) but it didn't change the behaviour.  I'm using Struts2 with Sping 
plugin,  jdk1.8.0_51.
If it wasn't calling the setter that would make more sense, but sine it is 
calling the setter that makes me beleive he autowiring is working, I just can't 
understand why its later being set to null. I thought it might be a scope issue 
but I don't know enough about struts to dig much deeper.
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Not sure, but if nothing else the action should be set to `prototype` scope, as 
they're instantiated per-request.
Are you using the Struts 2 Spring plugin?
On Sat, Sep 5, 2015 at 8:47 AM, Chris <crisp...@gmx.us[mailto:crisp...@gmx.us]> 
> I'm trying to use the Spring plugin to inject a dependency into my
> action at runtime. This is the first time I've tried this with Struts2
> so I may have missed something but I'm stumped because I can see the
> dependency is injected but then the object is later null when I need
> to use it. Here is my action class code:
> public class UserRegisterAction extends ActionSupport {
>     private User user = new User();

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