On 2/13/2018 8:06 PM, Paul Zepernick wrote:
> Can someone provide some clarification on if this interceptor should be 
> adding a field error when an empty string is passed to a Integer in the 
> action?

No, it should not be happening for `conversionError` interceptor. Does
it happen?

>   I am trying to prevent the field error from happening in this case.  It 
> looks like it should not be happening according to the docs: 
> https://struts.apache.org/core-developers/conversion-error-interceptor.html , 
> or am I not understanding what it is saying here:
> "This interceptor extends ConversionErrorInterceptor but only adds conversion 
> errors from the ActionContext to the field errors of the action if the field 
> value is not null, "", or {""} (a size 1 String array with only an empty 
> String). See ConversionErrorInterceptor for more information, as well as the 
> Type Conversion documentation"

You understood correctly. I reviewed it's code and looks like it should
behave as above. Doesn't it?

I also saw `conversionError` is already included in default stack.

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