On 2/14/2018 5:13 PM, Paul Zepernick wrote:
> Yes, I have it happening on  I have a select box pointing at a 
> Integer like this: auditForm.incorrectAuditReason.id  I am using the rest 
> plugin which is including it in the stack.  I have attached the source from 
> Maven.  Where is the check being done in the code?  I see the check for 
> shouldAddError() always returning true.

No you should check
(prefixed with `Struts`) instead. Could you put a break point on it's
`shouldAddError` method and see what happens when you post

> I have attempted to override the default interceptor by adding this in my 
> package and overriding the shouldAddError(), but it continues to call the 
> default Struts ConversionErrorInterceptor.
> <interceptor name="conversionError" 
> class="com.hs.iws.struts2.IwsConversionErrorInterceptor"/>
I think you should define your stack including your new interceptor and
ref it in your action definition.

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