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From "Burton Rhodes" <burtonrho...@gmail.com>
To "Struts Users Mailing List" <user@struts.apache.org>
Date 7/13/2023 9:06:40 AM
Subject Intellij Struts 2 Plugin for 6.x DTD

I have attempted to update the Intellij Struts 2 plugin to work with the new 6.0 DTD xml structure. This is my first dive into Intellij plugins, and to be honest, I'm not sure everything is working exactly as it is supposed to. That said, the links from Action classes to the corresponding struts xml files work when using the CTRL+click on the class name - which is what I use most anyway. I've included a link to the build/plugin ZIP file below. I am assuming that Intellij will not accept my PR request anytime soon as there are several existing PRs collecting dust.

If anyone has experience in Intellij plugins or wants to give some time trying to make everything work, feel free to fork my repository.

Release with packaged plugin

Forked Repository


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