As far as I know, there are no references to other packages/modules from the 
/struts2 directory so copying it over to an isolated repository should work 
just fine.

Curious... with a separate repository, how would you submit a PR to intellij with an 
updated version? Do you think they review/accept a version from another repository or 
would you have to copy code over to the "intellij-obsolete-plugins" repository 
prior to submitting for every update?


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Date 8/26/2023 3:13:33 AM
Subject Re: Intellij Struts 2 Plugin for 6.x DTD

Finally circling back to this :)

Thanks a lot Burton for all the explanations, I was planning to setup
a new ASF repository struts-idea and copy your code into it. I wonder
if I can drop all other plugins and just have the Struts plugin. As
far as I know the plugin uses Apache 2.0 license so we can make any
changes we want to release under the ASF umbrella. I assume we just
need this to be copied:

Let me know what you think

Best regards

niedz., 30 lip 2023 o 17:53 Burton Rhodes <> napisał(a):

 Many thanks. I think putting this under the Struts umbrella is a good
 idea.  Feel free to copy or fork my code here:

 Yann Cebron at Intellij didn't like my package refactor in my original
 update, so in order to remove all the noise from my forked master branch, I
 did a hard update removing several commits.  I also reverted back to the
 original bumped Struts Plugin v2023.2.1.  I realize this really isn't the
 "correct" way to do this, but it will give us a clean slate to move forward

 My latest version should work with intellij 232.x.  I am currently using
 intellij v232.8660.185 and everything is working fine.  Let me know if this
 is not the case for you. You can download the latest build here:

 Lastly, I closed my PR request to the upstream branch because of Yann's two
 requirements (
 1) Undo package refactor for the "main/java/com/intellij/struts2/ognl"
 - I'm still confused about this since none of the class package names match
 the directory structure. Even the associated tests are in the correct
 "test/java/com/intellij/lang/ognl" directory. One or the other, IMHO,
 should be refactored.

 2) Implement tests for the new 6.0 DTD.
 - I am unable to do this since I can't figure out how to get past an
 IllegalAccessError when running tests as described here:

 #1 is solved in my current release.  However, with #2 I am stuck. If you
 can figure out how to implement some tests, the PR would be accepted and
 patched into the Intellij Plugin Repository which would be ideal.


 On Sun, Jul 30, 2023 at 12:57 AM Lukasz Lenart <>

 > czw., 13 lip 2023 o 19:11 Burton Rhodes <>
 > napisał(a):
 > >
 > > Apologies for the additional email, but I believe this latest version is
 > > working properly:
 > >
 > >
 > > I welcome any feedback.
 > Thanks a lot Burton for taking care of this, nicely done! I wonder if
 > we should bring the plugin under the ASF umbrella as part of the
 > Struts project?
 > Could you upgrade the plugin to be compatible with IDEA build 232.x?
 > > Incompatible: requires IDE build 231.* or earlier
 > Regards
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 > Łukasz
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