We have now implemented a pullaction, that is able to automatically generate 
usernames and passwords from a mssql database source, that is simulating our 
HR-system. So far so good.

I can also see, that syncope is able to fetch start and end dates automatically 
from the db-source(date stated as datetime column), but, when we try to sync it 
the other way, we get an exception:

09:40:52.331 ERROR Error parsing value {0} of attribute Slutdatum:93            
  Method: handleAttribute
java.lang.NullPointerException: null

First question:

Is it now so, that syncope is able to transform and understand a datetime 
format quite easily into a correct java.date format when it pulls this 
information from an external source, but the conversion the other way round is 
troublesome when pushing/propagating data towards the external resource? Do I 
need to transform it first before the propagation? Maybe a SimpleDate formatter?

In that sense, it is better that it fails the other way around, because we are 
to fetch the values from the HR and they should not be managed from the syncope 

Second question:

When a connector has the SEARCH and SYNC operations associated with itself: how 
is the logic supposed to work if you do have the change log column set and 
deletes a tuple in the external database? Pull mode is set to incremental. On 
our end here, even though we delete the tuple in the mssql hr simulation 
database, the associated account is not deleted within syncope.  Not even with 
pull mode set to "Full reconciliation" funny enough.

What I can see, the pull action handler is not logging anything if the pull 
mode is not set to full reconciliation either. Syncope and the db do have the 
associated key values set correctly etc. The change log column is of a datetime 
format also. Does this has something to do with it?



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