There were a bunch of errors for almost every .java and .properties file
saying there is no newline character at the end of the file, so I added a
newline character to the end of each of the files, which appeared to fix it.

I added my .java file I created with the extended class as per the blog, but
that causes the build to fail.

The blog says I need to extend the LDAPMembershipPullActions class, so I
used this  reference
<>   to figure out
how to exend a class seems pretty straight forward.

I named my class file . I couldn't find
core\src\main\java in the project (as per  cusomization in core
), so I put it in core\provisioning-java\src\main\java instead hoping that
would work, but it did not.

Where do I need to place the .java file?

Contents of my file:

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