Am 11.04.2018 um 14:16 schrieb Allison, Timothy B.:
Others may be more familiar with tika-server and OCR, but I notice that we do process 
X-Tika-OCR prefixed headers to configure TesseractOCRConfig .  If you set 
"tesseractPath" to something bogus, that may turn off OCR...give something like 
this a try:

--header "X-Tika-OCRTesseractPath:/bogosity"

thank you very much!

I had not expected the path config parameter is setable by HTTP header.

It works (if i use HTTP PUT for upload the file).

If i use(d) HTTP POST (which in Tika documentation can be used too and works for analysis with default config of Tika Server) to upload the file, settings in HTTP HEADER don't work (like the setting of the OCR dictionary).

But this is maybe not a problem in Tika but could be a problem of my pycurl parameters.

Best regards

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