Is there a way to dynamically bind/update resources for an AnalysisEngine ?
My use-case is : I build a query parser that will be used to retrieve 
information in an indexed text database.
The parser performs spelling correction, but doesn't have to consider words in 
the index as spelling mistakes. Thus, the (aggregate) engine is bound to the 
index vocabulary (ie a word list).
My point is : when the index gets updated, its vocabulary will also be updated. 
I can re-build a new aggregate parser, with the updated resource, but this 
takes time, mainly for loading resources that were already loaded (POS model, 
lexica, etc.). Is there a way to update a given resource on my parser without 
having to rebuild it ?

Thanks for your help,
PS: I'm mostly building on top of DKPro components. I may miss some basic UIMA 
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