The main problem is that Saxon is changing the API quite often, this implies 
that without a lot of sustained effort we can't follow all versions.

To find out the exact combination of Saxon and XMLBeans versions the best way 
is to check the XMLbeans svn log. Also look into XMLBeans' build.xml, just sear 
h for saxon.


On Jun 21, 2011, at 11:22 AM, Henrique wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm aware this is a recurrent problem but I haven't, for the best of my 
> abilities, been able to understand what's going on.
> I'm running XMLBeans 2.4.0, from the Maven repo and when I'm trying to make a 
> selectQuery on a XmlObject I get the "No query engine found".
> Now I've tried with Saxon and and both fail. I'm certain 
> that the saxon*.jar is in the classpath. What else can I do?
> I've thought about downgrading XMLBeans to 2.2 or something... would this be 
> worth it? If so, what version of the xmlbeans-maven-plugin should I use 
> (currently 2.3.3)?
> Thanks,
> Henrique Nunes

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