On 4/10/2018 7:43 PM, Gregorius Soedharmo wrote:
Thank you for your help, but unfortunately, it all sounds gibberish to me.
As stated in the stack exchange question, I'm a complete Linux newbie that
couldn't even properly install a piece of software in Ubuntu. I did include
all of my efforts so far in the question.

Do you think it is best to scrap it and try a different installation
approach instead?

Unless you're absolutely certain that you need a new feature only available in 3.4.9 or newer, I would just run "apt-get install zookeeper" and use the 3.4.8 version provided by Ubuntu.  I do not know where that package will install its configuration, but it probably won't be all that hard to find.

It is likely that some of the bug fixes from later versions have been incorporated into the debian/ubuntu package by the people who maintain that package.  Usually new functionality is not backported, but bug fixes often are.


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