Hi , I am having the same type of issue but with the different configuration.
I have two brokers which are not in network but i am using producer and
consumer with two different threads in my local and trying to hit 10k
messages and consume it from second thread. I am using the shared file
storage mount for the kaha db mount.One of the broker is acting as a master
any any point of time and the other one is slave. I have started my test
with Broker A as master and producer is sending out messages and consumer
started listening to it.. to add the complexity i have turned of the Broker
A and the lock got acquired by Broker B and it is now new master. Producer
got reconnected to master but consumer is failing and invoked the inactivity
monitor and i have observed the TIME_WAIT thread block of connection broker
of consumer thread and it never ever reconnected to the new master ? 

Producer no issues in regards to the reconnection in failover scenario but
consumer does ..any one any suggestions ..is it something real bug with a
race condition or some thing we need to put it in the consumer code to avoid
this failure ?


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