The catch block in your consumer looks very suspicious, since it starts
additional consumers without closing the previous ones.  Would you please
comment out the line that's there, and also add a line to log the exception
you're catching?


On Sep 20, 2016 11:16 AM, "akhil" <> wrote:

> Hi Tim ,
> I have tried with the graceful shutdown by not using kill any more but
> still
> it's on the same way of dealing the consumer thread block.
> you can find the new switch log here :
> I have switched like this way ..started with Broker A as master and B as
> slave ..-- > everything is fine
> Broker A service down and Broker B as new master -- > Producer is fine and
> Consumer started throwing exception and still consumed even after the
> switch
> since some buffered messages in prefetch buffer and after that inactivity
> monitor started throwing up and connection state in in blocked state in
> jconsole.
> Broker B service down and Broker A as new master ---> Producer no issues as
> usual. Consumer started showing some log in attempt to connect to new
> master
> but its not done with the inactivity log. The above gist log is for this
> scenario.
> Thanks,
> Akhil.
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