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> Clebert -
> Thank you for your input!
> I try and avoid XA transactions whenever possible as well.  I do have a few 
> customers that insist on transactions when they do JMS->JMS routes (the JMS 
> destination are in different brokers/servers - hence the need for XA).

got it... was just pointing my 2 cents there. Try to batch (like 1000
messages & 1000 whatever else you are doing on a single TX). if you

> This is really the last piece I need to figure out before I’ll be able to 
> implement Artemis (core only) into our standard flows.  I know we can always 
> use the JMS layer, but I’d like to be able to use just the core if I can.

all the methods available on JMS for XA are also available on
ClientSession. There shouldn't be any difference.

Let me know If you can't figure out, and I (or someone else) may write
an example

> I’m planning on doing the integration in Camel, and it’s looking more and 
> more like I’ll need an “artemis-camel” (hosted in the Artemis source) or a 
> “camel-artemis” (hosted in the Camel Components source).  Any thoughts on 
> which would be the most appropriate place for the component?  ActiveMQ 5.x 
> has the activemq-camel component, but it always seemed to me it was in the 
> wrong place - that it should be camel-activemq.

I looked at the camel component on AMQ5 at some time ago and it would
be simple to port it. I thought it wasn't needed though. but if you
need it we can add something into artemis/master just like AMQ5 has

Can you add it?  Send a PR... we accept PRs :)

if you even send it soon, I'm planning a release early next week. if
it's well done (well done means.. not breaking anything) it might be
there before we release it.

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