Sorry this took a while (I've not had much free time to look through the
source code recently) and you may well have already found what you need in
the meantime, but in case you haven't yet, I think you'd want to be looking
in the activemq-kahadb-store project and particularly or PListStoreImpl. Based
on what you've said, I think you'll be looking to have the PListImpl store
messages in memory without writing to the PageFile until some threshold is
reached, and then begin writing messages into the PageFile at that time.

Since I've not done very much poking in the KahaDB code, it's possible that
I'm off the mark here on where best to implement this, but it's where I'd
start looking if I were you.


On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 3:53 AM, Noel Grandin <> wrote:

> Thanks for all the answers. It sounds like I can't quite achieve what I
> want out of the box. (Which is not a surprise)
> I'll have a look at the internal code and see how hard it will be to build
> something custom that is basically a combination of a small non-persistent
> in-memory queue, and a larger on-disk persistent queue.
> Any ideas where to start looking in the codebase?

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