This is great idea! I get so frustrated with these environment issues. +100

Some other advantages I could see we could implement if successful.

run a Linux build and a macOS build eg to check bits like kqueue and or other 
os specific behaviours (aio fallback to nio)

look to use appveyor for a windows build validation. (I’m thinking this 
validates bat files etc and ensures not Linux specific paths being used in code 
by mistake)

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> On 14 Feb 2018, at 03:17, Justin Bertram <> wrote:
> Over the last several months I've noticed that the Jenkins-based builds
> used to validate GitHub pull-requests for Artemis are failing at a
> significant rate for illegitimate reasons (e.g. environmental issues,
> timing out because they're too slow, etc.) or not being run at all.  Even
> as I type this there are 4 PR builds listed on
> which have been waiting for hours.
> I'd like to solve this problem so we have relatively quick & reliable PR
> builds.  I'm vaguely familiar with Travis CI, and I know other Apache
> projects use it for PR builds.  I think it would be worth investigating
> whether or not it would solve our problem.  What do you guys think?  Does
> anybody in the community have experience with Travis CI?
> Justin

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