Hi Tim ! thanks a lot.

> The documentation you linked to is for the AMQ message store, not the 
> KahaDB message store. So if you're using KahaDB as you say, then the page 
> you linked to is irrelevant. 

I finally understood that AMQ and KahaDB are different.

> KahaDB behaves as I described. You only risk losing messages that have not 
> yet been accepted (i.e. you don't risk losing anything). If I recall 
> correctly, the only thing that's flushed to disk periodically is the
> index, 
> and that can be rebuilt from the raw journal files so there's no risk of 
> data loss, just a slower broker startup. 

I feel relieved that it seems there is no risk.

I found the following site. Is this helpful for me?

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