Hello Forum-

I'm a new user of ActiveMQ CMS (ActiveMQ-cpp-3.9.3), and new to JMS as well. 
I am creating, formatting, and sending test messages to myself to start.  In
my code to consume those message, I check the property type of all the
message properties.

I noticed that the property type of all the properties of a message is being
reported as STRING_TYPE.  This includes several pre-defined properties that
I would not think would be strings, such as the "persistent" flag (I
would've thought it was a boolean), "priority" (I would think integer),
"timestamp" (I would think long?).  I also created a user-defined integer
property, which upon receipt is also assessed to be a string.

Am I misunderstanding something about how the property types work?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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