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Hello Forum-

I'm a new user of ActiveMQ CMS (ActiveMQ-cpp-3.9.3), and new to JMS as well.
I am creating, formatting, and sending test messages to myself to start.  In
my code to consume those message, I check the property type of all the
message properties.

I noticed that the property type of all the properties of a message is being
reported as STRING_TYPE.  This includes several pre-defined properties that
I would not think would be strings, such as the "persistent" flag (I
would've thought it was a boolean), "priority" (I would think integer),
"timestamp" (I would think long?).  I also created a user-defined integer
property, which upon receipt is also assessed to be a string.

Am I misunderstanding something about how the property types work?

I don't recall exactly how it all works but it would surprise me if all values were string types unless that is what you put in there in the first place.  For some of the default message properties like CMSGroupId or others I suppose the code might not be smart enough to guess what they are unless actually present.  For user defined message properties like message.setIntProperty(k, v) the typing should be correct.

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