This definitely sounds like a bug in the mKahaDB code, so can you please
submit a bug report for it in JIRA?

I'd be curious to know whether the problem occurs if you cycle the remote
broker between steps 5 and 6. If not, it's likely something in-memory that
represents an inconsistency between the filesystem and what's in memory for
the mKahaDB database within the remote broker.


On Sun, Mar 22, 2020, 4:03 AM nexus <> wrote:

> > Can you please provide a listing (ls -l) of the KahaDB data directory?
> See details below aligned with use case.
> > Also, can you please configure mKahaDB to point to a different (empty)
> > directory rather than the same one that the normal KahaDB points to, and
> > try again? I've never used mKahaDB so I don't have direct experience, but
> > I wouldn't expect the broker to be happy if you switch between KahaDB and
> > mKahaDB using the same data directory (and the same files within it, more
> > importantly). Unless your process for switching the KahaDB type already
> > involved deleting the files in the data directory?
> There was no switch from single to multi kahadb. Problem is reproduced with
> clean installation of
> <
> on 2 PCs and using configuration for local and remote brokers I a have
> provided in the first post.
> Some observations
> The main difference I see in logs, that in bad situtation (mKahaDB +
> perDestination="true") following messages appear after inactive
> destinations
> deleted:
> Since this moment local broker cannot establish duplex connection any more,
> and it doesn't matter which destinations has been purged -- with the same
> name (App.Data) or any other. Also it doesn't matter whether local broker
> already had any successful communication with the remote. As soon as these
> messages appear, broker cannot "create responder end of duplex network
> bridge" because of "PageFile is not loaded".
> When I try to do the same with single kahadb instance, these messages do
> not
> appear and no such problem.
> Use case with logs and kahadb listing
> Attached logs
> activemq.log
> <>
> wrapper.log <
> 1. Remote broker started
> kahadb
> 2. Local broker started
> Duplex network connection established.
> Statically included queue "App.Data" created on remote.
> Active consumer is shown in web-console.
> wrapper.log
> kahadb
> 3. Local broker stopped and remote deletes inactive destinations after a
> while
> wrapper.log
> kahadb
> 4. Local broker started again
> wrapper.log
> kahadb
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