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To answer the easiest one first -- pyscopg2. pip install 
apache-airflow[postgres] will install psycopg2 for you, so.
SQLAlchemy is the DB access layer Airflow uses, but I agree that there is an 
awful lot of assumed knowledge/context in the docs!
Yes, before running airflow initdb you will need to configure the permissions 
on the database. For postgres this is:
create the user/role in the DB. (either CREATE USER sql statement, or 
createuser cli tool.)
create an empty DB for airflow. createdb --owner airflow airflow probably.

Then configure sql_alchemy_conn to point to this. For instance if the DB is on 
the local host then postgresql://airflow@/airflow

On Feb 11 2020, at 9:35 am, /dev /local/ca <devloca...@gmail.com> wrote:
> After going over the documentation for installing Airflow, and using Postgres 
> as a backend, I am really confused.
> There is no guide or step by step installation manual, just some random 
> things, ideas and fragments of memory that someone splat down on a web page.
> ---
> I am led to believe that I need to configure things with postgres before 
> running `airflow initdb`, but that is not clear in the documentation.
> Do I create a role/user first before using Airflow? and specify that 
> somewhere in a config file before running 'airflow initdb'
> --
> Also the instructions jump right in talking about something called 
> 'sql_alchemy' as if I should know what that is, but I don't.
> In addition it says: If you decide to use Postgres, we recommend using the 
> psycopg2 driver , and again, no instructions there as to what that means.
> ---
> I am more than willing to help the project write clear, concise documentation 
> and communicate with others, as it seems no one on the team has developed 
> this skill set, that can be put to use to help others get this installed.
> If someone could Jesus please take just five minutes and document this so I 
> do not waste 3-4 hours doing research, subscribing to user lists and being 
> misled by the drive by geniuses that respond on Stackoverflow it would be 
> greatly appreciated.

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