Hi Jaspal,

I think the issue might be related to using mapr specific jars in the
application package.

Can you check if you are able to run any other app on the cluster; for
ex.pidemo in malhar?

Also check the jars included in your apa file using "mvn dependency:tree"
and verify that no hadoop jars have been bundled.

~ Bhupesh

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 1:45 AM, Jaspal Singh <jaspal.singh1...@gmail.com>

> Hi Team,
> We are trying to build a DT application to read messages from mapr streams
> and write them on to hdfs. Its the same application used with Kafka as
> source with the following changes:
> 1. Added the map example code jar in the pom.xml.
> 2. Changed the topic name to fully qualified path of the stream with topic
> name.
> After packaging the code into apa file, we are able to launch the
> application but it remains in ACCEPTED state and then goes to FAILED state
> after a while. We are having a hard time time to figure out the issue with
> the project, so need some assistance from anyone who has encountered any
> similar issue.
> dtgateway.log and pom.xml attached.
> Really appreciate the inputs !!
> Thanks
> Jaspal

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