Good morning everyone,

My Monday could be going better. 3 problems waiting me when I got in today.

The first was fairly mundane. Someone added 3 workers over the weekend, but failed to point the worker to the correct port.

The second is that we again have a completely stuck build and will probably have to restart the master to get things running again. This is my #1 problem.

The third is that we had someone change when in the day a build should be performed, but it's not getting scheduled. The scheduler seems to be created, though. But I haven't studied the scheduler code enough to know what's going on. This is probably the users #2 complaint. Might be our master.cfg, might be something else. But sometimes expected builds just don't get scheduled.

The last is that there appears to be a change in behavior in the UI going from single master to multi master. Everyone liked the 'Cancel whole queue' feature when we were still doing single master. On multi master, 'Cancel whole queue' appears to not only cancel the queue, but also cancels the currently running build (which is most definitely not what we want). This may or may not be actually affec6ted by the switch to multi master. That's just when I noticed the change.

Neil Gilmore
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