Weekly Meeting

Buildbot has weekly meetings via irc, held at 17:00 BST (London Time) on Tuesdays.

Meetings are in #buildbot on Freenode, open to any and all participants. They generally focus on organizational, rather than technical issues, but are open to anything Buildbot-related. To raise a topic, add it to "All Other Business" in the agenda, or just speak up during the meeting.

Meeting minutes are available here.

Buildbot Issues

Opened Issues

3493P4 with python 3.6 under windows fails on worker
3495Missing dependency in buildbot[bundle] for Python3 support
3496How to get BooleanParameter value set in a buildstep or buildfactory?

Completed Issues

3473UI: Builders view: Tags don't indicate that that they can be clicked
3474Builders view: Tag selected: "Back" button doesn't work as expected
3475Waterfall view: status indicator bar of builders is hard to read
3478UnboundLocalError in mq/base.py on master shutdown
3481GitHubPullrequestPoller docs reference obsolete project attribute

Buildbot Pull Requests

Opened Pull Requests

3491[docs] db - minor unification
3494fix: install buildbot-grid-view with buildbot[bundle]
3497P4encodingfix pull request for fixes #3493
3498Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 32

Completed Pull Requests

3451make db.getObjectId accept very large object names
3480[docs] Update trivial formating in www-base-app
3482Remove obsolete attr from GitHubPullrequestPoller docs
3485Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 31
3486fix probot stale
3487Builders GUI fixes
3488Waterfall GUI fixes
3489Fix typo in buildsteps article changing 'as finished' to 'has finished'.
3490fix waitUntilEvent when check returns True
3492Release notes for 0.9.10

Buildbot-Infra Pull Requests

None this week

Meta-buildbot Pull Requests

None this week
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