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I just wanted to share with you the following behavior we saw on CS 4.5.2 and now we also see on version 4.9.

Our environment: Xenserver 6.5, Cloudstack 4.9, primary storage: iSCSI Description: When I take a volume snapshot, I see an snapshot in XenServer primary storage:xe vdi-list name-label=snapshot-20161010uuid ( RO) : 81d37e1c-d9a7-431e-9996-7a550b72528bname-label ( RW): snapshot-20161010name-description ( RW):sr-uuid ( RO): 36eb8055-90f1-8cbf-e35c-3b13c0dd701avirtual-size ( RO): 26843545600sharable ( RO): falseread-only ( RO): falseOnce it is transferred to the secondary storage, I see the following message:2016-10-10 13:44:38,897 DEBUG [c.c.h.x.r.XenServerStorageProcessor] (DirectAgent-419:ctx-7b451fd0) (logid:b8c932db) Successfully destroyed snapshot on volume: 82d3194e-a4f0-4813-b0c9-c0c3c4a81deb execept this current snapshot 81d37e1c-d9a7-431e-9996-7a550b72528bThen when I delete from Cloudstack this volume snapshots:2016-10-10 13:47:41,402 DEBUG [o.a.c.s.s.XenserverSnapshotStrategy] (API-Job-Executor-69:ctx-77734d15 job-3789 ctx-1f2ebdf0) (logid:1cac9567) Snapshot: 754 doesn't have children, so it's ok to delete it and its parentsChecking CS database, in "snapshot_store_ref" table, the element with install_path=81d37e1c-d9a7-431e-9996-7a550b72528b changed its status from "Ready" to "Destroyed" but in Xenserver this vdi wasn't deleted.Something similar happens deleting templates, but in this case, in table "template_spool_ref", the referenced vdi never change to "Destroyed".

If i don't have any wrong configuration on CS, i confirm that when i delete a snapshot or template from CloudStack, the file VHD is deleted correctly on the secondary storage but the volumen (VDI) on primary storage remains. Can you confirm if somebody else has the same behavior? When we take a manual snapshot or template. CS always keep the snapshot/template on the secondary storage and ALSO on primary storage. Is that correct?

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