From: Stephan Seitz <s.se...@secretresearchfacility.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016 10:31 AM
To: users@cloudstack.apache.org
Subject: Re: Long downtimes for VMs through automatically triggered storage 
>> We turn off HA storage migration, as it doesn't make much sense to
>> us. It assumes the storage is still up, as you obviously can't
>> migrate a VM to a different primary storage if it's down. If you have
>> enough hosts in a cluster, you should never run into a situation
>> where you can't bring all your VMs back up due to host failure. So in
>> that sense, HA storage migration is a pointless feature if you build
>> and scale your clusters properly.
>Indeed, even if you have enough hosts, we ran into that situation due
>to a bug with multiple datadisks and hvm introduced via https://github.
>com/apache/cloudstack/pull/792 .
>As a result acs tries to start the vm on node1,2,3... and so on and
>fails on all hosts due to the underlying qemu-dm parsing error.
>Finally it tries to start on nodes of another cluster which
>subsequently triggers a storage migration.
>- Stephan

Yes, that's pretty nasty. Is there a fix for it yet? I don't see anything else 
mentioned, but it looks like Cloudops has the same issue.

- Si

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