Hi Paul,

There are actually multiple occurrences. Two of which I can think right now:

Minimum System Requirements in "Installation overview": 

"Operating system: Preferred: CentOS/RHEL 6.3+ or Ubuntu 14.04(.2)"

Now that I think about it, one could also read this as minimum requirements 
(such as the page title reads) and not as recommendation... so scratch that ( 
To make that clearer, I'd suggest to rewrite this section "CentOS/RHEL 6.3+, 
CentOS/RHEL 7.x+ or Ubuntu 14.04(.2) or higher", where the "x" needs to be 
filled if a specific 7.x minor release is required. 

The quick installation guide ( 
 ) does refer to CentOS 6 in general and uses CentOS 6, which one may read as 
recommendation. However I guess one could just replace CentOS 6 with CentOS 7 
following the same guide and there should be no problem.

After reviewing the 4.11 documentation, I found that most pages indeed 
recommend CentOS 7. Just read the two I described above before and came to 
hasty conclusions. Sorry for that.

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    Daniel, could you point me to where you've seen that please.
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    I'd like to add a question here - in the 4.11 documentation, CentOS 6 is 
still the recommended release - CentOS 6 is quite old now and CentOS7 out for a 
while. Is there a specific reason why we stick to the CentOS 6 recommendation?
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        Hi Benjamin,
        Yes there will be – watch out for the official announcements in a few 
hours time.
        Dag Sonstebo
        Cloud Architect
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            Hi @all,
            will there be CentOS7 Packages for Release 4.11 ?
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