Hi Swen,

+1 for Simon’s comments. I did a fair bit of CLVM POC work a year ago and ended 
up concluding it’s just not fit for purpose, it’s too unstable and STONITH was 
a challenge to say the least. As you’ve seen from our blog article we have had 
a project in the past using OCFS2 – but it is again a challenge to set up and 
to get running smoothly + you need to go cherry picking modules which can be 
tricky since you are into Oracle territory.

For smooth running I recommend sticking to NFS if you can – if not take a look 
at CEPH or gluster, or ScaleIO as Simon suggested.

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 19/02/2018, 13:45, "Simon Weller" <swel...@ena.com.INVALID> wrote:

    So CLVM used to be supported (and probably still works). I'd highly 
recommend you avoid using a clustered file system if you can avoid it. See if 
your SAN supports the ability to do exclusive locking.
    There was chatter on the list a couple of years ago about a scaleio storage 
driver, but I'm not sure whether there was any movement on that or not.
    - Si
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    Subject: KVM with shared storage
    Hi @all,
    I am evaluating KVM for our Cloudstack installation. We are using XenServer 
at the moment. We want to use shared storage so we can do live migration of VMs.
    For our KVM hosts I am using CentOS7 with standard kernel as OS and for 
shared storage I am evaluating ScaleIO. KVM and ScaleIO installation is working 
great and I can map a volume to all KVM hosts.
    I end up with a device (dev/scinia) of block storage on all KVM hosts.
    As far as I understand I need a cluster filesystem on this device so I can 
use it on all KVM hosts simultaneously. So my options are ocfs2, gfs2 and clvm. 
As documented clvm is not supported by Cloudstack and therefore not really an 
    I found this shapeblue howto 
 for ocfs2, but this is for CentOS6 and I am unable to find a working ocfs2 
module for CentOS7 standard kernel.
    Installing and Configuring an OCFS2 Clustered File System 
    Last year we had a project which required us to build out a KVM environment 
which used shared storage. Most often that would be NFS all the way and very 
occasionally ...
    So my question is how are you implementing shared storage with KVM hosts in 
your Cloudstack installation if it is not NFS? Thx for your help!
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