Hi Victor,

What parameters do you have for:


the logs should show entries relating to these, BUT.... it's possible that as 
you performed a clean shutdown, the agent could have sent a shutdown ack to the 
management server, so the management server may no longer be polling.  I'm not 
sure about that scenario.

I recently used:
echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

as suggested by Nux, to simulate a host crash.

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Hello Guys,

I have installed cloudstack 4.11. I have enabled HA for each hosts I have 
added. I have also added ipmi successfully (using ipmi driver). The hosts are 
showing like the following.


HA Enabled      Yes
HA State        Available
HA Provider     kvmhaprovider


Also the host is showing the following correctly

Resource state --> Enabled
State --> UP
Power state --> On

So I have shutdown one of the hosts to see how the KVM hosts Ha is working.  I 
have waited for half an hour. But nothing has happened. What will happen to the 
VM's in that host, if the host failed to back up. 
There isn't much from logs.


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