Hi Paul

Thanks for the response.

I think I am not understanding how it was meant to work then.  My understanding 
was that the manager used ipmitool to just keep querying the compute nodes as 
to their status so I assumed it didn't matter how you shut the node down, once 
it was down the manager would get no response and mark it as down (which it 

I am in testing mode so I think I will just go and pull the power and see what 
happens :)



From: Paul Angus <paul.an...@shapeblue.com>
Sent: 12 March 2018 15:31
To: users@cloudstack.apache.org
Subject: RE: KVM HostHA
 Hi Jon,

I think that what you guys are finding, is that a controlled host shutdown, 
which will cause the agent to shutdown cleanly;  Is not considered an HA event. 
 I wouldn't expect CloudStack to take any action if you shut down a host, only 
if the host (agent) stops responding.

Kind regards,

Paul Angus


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From: Jon Marshall <jms....@hotmail.co.uk>
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To: users@cloudstack.apache.org
Subject: Re: KVM HostHA

I have the same issue here and am not entirely sure what the behaviour should 

I have one manager node and 2 compute nodes running 4.11 with ipmi working 

>From the UI under HA -

HA Enabled       Yes
HA State         Available
HA Provider      kvmhaprovider

although interestingly from the "Details" tab it shows -

HA enabled   No

which I assume is a cosmetic issue ?

On each compute node I have one HA enabled VM and one non HA enabled VM.

I power off a compute node and the UI updates the host status and the VMs on 
that node stop responding but they never fail over to the other node.

Couple of things I noticed -

1) as soon as i power off the compute node the HA state on the other node shows 

2) In the UI the instances all still show as green even though two of them are 
not available

Any help much appreciated

From: victor <vic...@ihnetworks.com>
Sent: 07 March 2018 17:01
To: users@cloudstack.apache.org
Subject: KVM HostHA

Hello Guys,

I have installed cloudstack 4.11. I have enabled HA for each hosts I have 
added. I have also added ipmi successfully (using ipmi driver).
The hosts are showing like the following.


HA Enabled       Yes
HA State         Available
HA Provider      kvmhaprovider


Also the host is showing the following correctly

Resource state --> Enabled
State --> UP
Power state --> On

So I have shutdown one of the hosts to see how the KVM hosts Ha is working.  I 
have waited for half an hour. But nothing has happened. What will happen to the 
VM's in that host, if the host failed to back up.
There isn't much from logs.


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