Cheers Greg,
yep, I've seen this example. Works nicely but there are dependencies to Spring 
3.Couldn't get it to work with Spring Boot though.
psGrzegorz to ty? Pamiętam Cię z Cocoon gettogether Rome :)Co prabiasz 
dzisiejszymi czasy?

      From: gelo1234 <>
 To: Cocoon Users <>; Artur Synowiec 
 Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 4:56 PM
 Subject: Re: Cocoon 3 sitemap setup
Hi,AFAIK there is no more direct sitemap mounting in C3. You have to make a 
separate C3 module/block and "mount"/assign a context to it.
Then you can connect 2 or more Cocoon blocks together in order to share some 
common servlet or functionality.Take a look at Cocoon samples:,
24.08.2016 13:21 "Artur Synowiec" <> napisał(a):

I need some help with setting up Cocoon 3 sitemap.
I have used Cocoon 2.1 and 2.2 in the past and enjoyed the simplicity of the 
XML transformationusing sitemap language.
Now I would like to get a hand of Cocoon 3. I've successfully managed to 
integrateC3 pipeline processor with other Java applications (based on Spring 
Boot) butI would love to make it work again with sitemap. I can see a few 
examples on the webof people using C3 inside their apps but couldn't see any 
example of mounting a sitemap.xmap
Ideally I would like to integrate it with a Spring Boot app and mount 
XMLSitemapServlet in there.I have managed to do it using a class implementing 
Spring's ServletContextInitializer but I'm getting this exception:
java.lang. IllegalStateException: Received closing 'match' but there was no 
node to close.I think it could be something to do with creating a Spring bean 
of org.apache.cocoon.sitemap. node.SitemapNode/sitemapwhich is needed for 
SitemapNodeFactory's  createNode() method.
I would appreciate any help on this.


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