As far as I know the custom parameters do not affect the selection algorithm - and the order in which they are listed is not taken into account. Indeed, the client can try to affect the selection by including a 'q' property but if it is not possible then you can add a 'qs' parameter to Produces:

@Produces({"a/b;qs=0.9", "a/b;x=y"})

That should fix it, even though the JAX-RS text says nothing about the custom parameters affecting the process.

Thanks, Sergey

On 17/09/16 20:38, Longton, Nigel wrote:
We've noticed that CXF doesn't use mime type parameters for matching except for 
q and d. Is there a reason for this?
Our goal is to use a parameter to influence the shape of json or xml that is 
returned. We had to create a @Feature to override the default sort model for 
method selection, but now we are running into a problem with the Content-Type 
that CXF is using to select the message writer - it effectively uses the first 
mime type in the @Produces section whose type/subtype match the incoming Accept 
rather than the parameters that are on the incoming accept. An example
Consider a method of
@GET @Produces({"a/b", "a/b;x=y"}) Object getData() {}
When sent
                Accept = a/b;x=y, a/b
Will call a message body with content type of
but the caller prefers a/b;x=y as it is listed first.

Have I misunderstood Mime types or is there a way to influence CXF?
The problem is in JAXRSUtils.intersectMimeType. When it sorts, the comparator 
ignores the mime type parameters and doesn't do a best match against the users 


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