By the way, I wonder if the fix in CXF will need to be different after all. See the JAXRS out interceptor validates the JAX-RS *method response*, and if the validation fails and the custom Response is created and the out chain is run again, the out validating interceptor now still attempts to validate (via the extension) the *method response*, which a custom entity which was created by your mapper does not represent, rather it is a custom representation of the violations data. I think, by default, JAXRSBeanValidationOutInterceptor should ignore the data coming after the optional 2nd run, though the property will be there to do the 2nd validation

Cheers, Sergey

On 17/10/16 22:28, tomstark wrote:
Slight mod to what you have:

JAXRSUtils.getCurrentMessage().setContent(List.class, new

Using the "put" method did not work but the above code works just fine and I
was able to see the original outbound violations in an error response.


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