I am looking in CXF support for OAuth2 support in general and social logins in 
particular. See http://cxf.apache.org/docs/jax-rs-oauth2.html

From the docs it is not immediately evident if the OAuth2 support has been written with the 
"social login" workflow in mind. There is of course 
http://cxf.apache.org/docs/jax-rs-oauth2.html#JAX-RSOAuth2-ThirdPartyClientAuthentication but it 
still feels to me like the "I want to create and own OAuth2 server" case.

Is CXF supposed be used for such a task or should give up on CXF and use 
something else such as:

1) Apache Oltu: https://oltu.apache.org/
minus: Doesn't look very vibrant: 

2) Google 
minus: I have already the CXF framework in place. Why use another framewrok?

3) Spring: https://geowarin.github.io/social-login-with-spring.html
minus: It's spring

4) Other: https://github.com/3pillarlabs/socialauth

Any suggestions are welcome.

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