I'm using CXF 3.1.7 to create a JAXRS service that uses <jaxrs:server> with
no custom providers. I'm trying to send a stream of data back in the http
response using content-type application/custom+xml. The http response entity
is set to an instance of a class that implements
javax.ws.core.StreamingOutput. When requesting this resource, I get a http
500 error that states "JAXBException occured: class com.MyStreamingOutput
nor any of its super class is known to this context. 

I stepped thru CXF source code via remote debugger and see that the
JAXBElementProvider is being chosen, likely because of  content-type
application/custom+xml. If I change my http response to use  content-type
application/customXml, the BinaryDataProvider is used and the response body
is what is desired. 

However, I need to return content-type application/custom+xml. What is the
best way to configure <jaxrs:server> so that content-type
application/custom+xml can be returned using a http entity that implements
javax.ws.core.StreamingOutput? I prefer not to use JAXB as I know the XML is

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