Wow, ten years, time flies! We should have a beer together, remotely, ;)

I am so grateful and proud that I am part of this great project and looking 
forward another 10 years’ success of Apache CXF!

Thanks to very one in this community, a lot of memorable experience.
Freeman(Yue) Fang

Red Hat, Inc. 
FuseSource is now part of Red Hat

> On Apr 17, 2018, at 2:15 AM, Dennis Kieselhorst <> wrote:
> Hi,
> it's time to celebrate: 10 years ago, on April 16th in the year 2008,
> CXF graduated from the Apache incubator as a merge of the Objectweb
> Celtix project and the Codehaus XFire project (see
> for more details).
> Today we have lots of more features, support for additional
> specifications and a large user base.
> Thanks to anyone who made this possible and looking forward to another
> 10 years :-)
> Cheers
> Dennis

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