Happy Birthday!

While working on the board report, I noticed the 10 year thing and started 
looking back at the last 10 years.   I put some thoughts on my blog:  

Some additional thoughts:

* The original board resolution had a PMC of 20 folks.   Of those 20, 6 are 
still actively participating in the project either by code changes or release 
reviews or similar.   For an open source project where people are expected to 
come and go, that’s awesome.   We’ve obviously picked up a lot of new folks 
along the way, so there is both an element of “new” and bit of the “old”.   (I 
admit, I’m one of the “old”)

* According to the reporter tool, we have done 210 releases.   8 were done 
prior to graduation.  Thus we have done over 200 releases over 10 years.   That 
includes the Fediz and DOSGi releases, but it’s still an incredible number.   
20 releases a year.   That’s a great job in pushing new features out AND 
supporting our users.   

* According to GitHub, we have had contributions from 90 people.  That doesn’t 
include the patches attached to JIRA’s that were applied by committers.   
Still, a very good number.  

* Speaking of JIRA, we have closed/resolved over 95% of the 7900 issues filed.  
 That’s impressive and once again shows how well we support our users.

Anyway, it’s been an exciting 10 years.   I look forward to what the future 
brings for CXF!


> On Apr 16, 2018, at 2:15 PM, Dennis Kieselhorst <d...@apache.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> it's time to celebrate: 10 years ago, on April 16th in the year 2008,
> CXF graduated from the Apache incubator as a merge of the Objectweb
> Celtix project and the Codehaus XFire project (see
> http://incubator.apache.org/projects/cxf.html for more details).
> Today we have lots of more features, support for additional
> specifications and a large user base.
> Thanks to anyone who made this possible and looking forward to another
> 10 years :-)
> Cheers
> Dennis

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